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How can I get involved?

Students can get involved with LCG in many ways. At the highest level of involvement, students within the Analyst Program will participate in consulting projects for local businesses and have access to exclusive opportunities, workshops, and networking events. Students outside of the Analyst Program are welcome to join us for our yearly Consulting Summit, and for select events including case competitions and interactive panels.

For non-students, send a message to an LCG Representative so we can get in touch. We are eager to establish growing relationships with alumni, business owners, and all who are interested in getting involved.

How can I become an Analyst?

Recruitment for the program occurs in the beginning of each Fall semester. The process involves a written application in addition to a behavioral and case interview conducted by the Executive Board. All students, regardless of major or graduation year, are encouraged to apply. Join our email list to be notified of the next interest meeting.

What is the dress code for most of the LCG Events?

The dress code for all events is business casual (unless explicitly said otherwise) and the dress code for the Consulting Summit is business formal.

How much is the time commitment of an Analyst?

The time commitment of an analyst is approximately 3-5 hours per week. The meetings do not have a set time every week, and the work most likely picks up near the end of the semester.

How many Analysts work on each project?

Historically, teams have consisted on 4-6 analysts based on the demand of the project.

How do Analysts receive their projects?

Analysts receive their projects based on a preference form sent out at the beginning of the semester. If the analyst has a strong preference towards one of the projects, they may voice their opinions to the co-directors in advanced to justify their passion.

How does LCG find the projects?

LCG’s clients are sourced through connections from our analysts, alumni, university departments, or are contacted by the Co-Directors. Additionally, if you wish to partner with LCG, please contact us here and we will review it immediately.

Does LCG get paid for their consulting services?

LCG services are free of charge. The students are rewarded with authentic consulting experience that cannot be found elsewhere on campus. This experience is invaluable for interviews and job experience. However, if the companies are pleased with our work, they are permitted to donate to our organization as an act of goodwill.

How do I join the Executive Board?

Executive Board positions are only open to current analysts. We release applications and have interviews near the end of each semester.

Are graduate students allowed to join LCG?

Graduate students are allowed to be a part of all facets of our group except our annual case competition. We currently have multiple analysts who are grad students as well as many that attend our additional events.

How many Analysts are in LCG?

Each semester we have approximately 25-35 analysts, and about 5-7 consulting projects.

Do you recruit Analysts every semester?

As of now, we only recruit analysts in the Fall Semester. With a recruiting class of about 15 analysts each year.


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